Caring enough to care for yourself

Creativity…it’s sometimes so elusive.  Maybe the last time you sat down to your torch you struggled to find a new color combo.  Maybe you had a hard time deciding what to make.  Maybe you were in your brain, instead of your mind and heart.  How do you make the shift from that cognitive decision making brain to the flow of the mind and heart?

Self care.  What?  What does that mean?

To nurture the creative part, the sensitive part, the emotional part of yourself that brings forth the ideas that opens you up to the vision that is in your minds eye, or your sacred heart.  To do this you must feel safe, feel cared for and that your needs are provided.  That starts with you!

If you are busy, going through the motions of life, hitting the torch in a space that keeps you from expressing yourself in a meaningful way, get some tea and let’s talk…

A cup of tea

What do you do when you wake up?  Is your phone next to our bed?  Are you checking email from your pillow, snuggled under the blankets?  Are you hitting the coffee so you can make breakfast and get  yourself, or others, out of the house in time for other obligations?  Slow down.  You may be thinking that is not possible.  Maybe  you’ve been trying to figure out how to drink your first cup of coffee before you wake, so you can get a little ahead of the game…

Tomorrow take the first 10 minutes of your day to spend as a creativity kick start. What will you do in those quiet 10 minutes?

  • Tap into your higher power.  Maybe for you that is prayer, maybe it’s meditation, maybe it’s a sense of gratitude.  A gratitude journal is a beautiful thing to have next to your bed. (Move over phone, we are going old school with a journal and pen)  Look outside of yourself for 5 or so minutes to see the bigger picture.  That you are part of a world of wonder!
  • Breathe!  We don’t breathe enough, or deep enough.  Take a deep breath, in for a count of 4 and out for a count of 4.  In your nose, out your mouth.  Maybe add an essential oil to that time.  A drop on your hands, rubbed together and then hold in front of your nose to take in those wonderful molecules that stimulate  your brain in such a safe and natural way!  Wild Orange can help wake you up, Bergamot can support your confidence, A respiratory blend can help you speak what you need to, and Cypress can help you flow with what comes.
  • Apply an oil that helps you feel centered or grounded, to your feet.  Arborvitea is wonderful for helping you feel rooted, being in the here and now.  Wouldn’t you like to start your day feeling grounded?  InTune can help you focus and feel less scattered.  Frankincense is a powerful oil that your cells delight in.  Select an oil, apply it to your feet and then walk in peace throughout your day.
  • Grab a glass of water.  Water is a great way to awake your body systems from slumber.  We’ve talked about the importance of hydration and starting with a glass first thing in the morning will help to set the tone for the rest of the day.

Spending 10 minutes in a quiet space each morning can help to restore your Essence.  Fill your storehouses, because when we hit the torch we want to be tapping into our Essence.  If all you have when you hit the torch is fumes, you will see that clearly when your creativity won’t come!  What do you do to care for yourself and restore your essence?

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