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Water is critical for our survival.  Staying well hydrated is critical for our overall wellness.  Do you struggle to drink enough water?  This week will explore some of the ways that water impacts our wellness and some tips for drinking more water!  What is your favorite way to drink more water?


Do you have ideas that you are afraid to try?  What is the worst thing that could happen?  It won’t work?  That’s fine, then you’ll know!  Right now, if you are holding back, your creative energy is being wasted on wondering if it will work or not.  Find out!  Share with us, in the comments how it worked!  You can link to your own blog, facebook, social media to show us the results if you’d like!

Feeling Tired?

Wild Orange and Peppermint are a great combination!  When you are feeling tired, put a drop on each hand, rub hands, together, cup hands in front of nose* and inhale!  This is a very invigorating blend that will lift your spirits, awake your senses, and get send that tired feeling on it’s way!

* Note:  Peppermint in or close to the eyes will cause your eyes to water.  If you get peppermint in the eyes, don’t flush with water, that will intensify the sensation, simply apply olive or coconut oil, etc, near the eye, and allow that oil to draw the peppermint out of eyes.  If you do nothing the sensation will go away on it’s own, as well.