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Certified Holistic Health Coach!

Over the past 7 years I’ve been on a wellness journey.  I was only 35 and noticing stiff joints, fatigue, brain fog, among other things. I had just had my first baby, so I figured it was just “Mama Brain” and that I was tired from caring for her.  When she was 2 I realized, that wasn’t likely all that was going on.  I started reading and learning more about food, which is where my journey began.  I read an article that indicated if you don’t let babies/kids consume any refined sugar for the first 3 years of their lives their risk for sugar related concerns drop drastically.  I looked at my family, most of whom struggle with weight, and other weight related concerns and decided it couldn’t hurt.  No sugar for her.  Everyone told me that I couldn’t do that.  As a baby, maybe, but by 3 she’d be demanding candy.  I’m happy to report my now 8 year old still has never had highly process sugar, and when offered, she declines.  In this area, I had it easy, I tried this experiment on a baby, not a child who had already been eating highly processed sugar, which would have been a different experience!  I know this because I certainly still have a love hate relationship with the stuff!
My journey started with food, moved to herbal solutions to typical life stuff, more physical activity, the thoughts I choose to think, understanding the importance of hydration in a sense of wellness and most recently (almost 2 years ago) essential oils!  I decided that all my experience, including my degree in psychology, could be helpful to others.  I decided to pursue a series of certifications and degrees to that end.  It breaks my heart to see so many people needlessly suffering from diseases and conditions that can be often alleviated through lifestyle choices!

I have completed my first leg in this credential journey!  I am now a Certified Holistic Health Coach!  I’m super excited to share with my lampworking community my passion for wellness! Thank you for your interest in this area and for coming to this space to learn more and share what you know!

Water Check!

Are you drinking enough water?  I can’t stress water enough.  We are a dehydrated bunch…especially those of us who can become caught up in a focused space where the world falls away while we create!  Food, water, and bathroom breaks all seem to halt when we get in that brain space where creativity is really flowing!  This means it’s important to plan ahead!

Fill a nice big glass water bottle with water, maybe a couple drops of essential oil for fun flavor*.  I recommend Lemon, Wild Orange or Peppermint.  Mmmmm.  If water is easily to reach, you are more likely to drink it.

Fruit infused water is very fun!  Add fresh fruit to a pitcher of water, along with a couple drops of essential oil for added pop of flavor!  Delicious and refreshing!  Making water special will increase your likelihood of being well hydrated!


*Not all brands of essential oils are safe for internal use.  Please read the bottle, and follow the guidelines listed.  

A beautiful way to start the day!



I woke up this morning with a bath in wild orange and bergamot essential oils!

Last night I put 1 cup of epsom salts in a glass jar, added 5 drops each of Wild Orange and Bergamot. I covered and shook to mix.

This morning I poured my jar into the bath, to awaken my senses and brighten my vision for the day!

Wild Orange is uplifting, fresh and lovely!  Bergamot supports a sense of calm and reduces stressful feelings.

Today is a beautiful day and is looking bright, making a creative path much easier to follow!

Breathe Deeply!

Let’s talk about air quality and respiratory health!

  • Appropriate Ventilation:  As a glass artist, you know this is important.  Good ventilation takes potential products of combustion out of your immediate breathing area, helping to keep your lungs from inhaling those potentially damaging molecules.
  • Respirator: When using techniques that include fuming, or powders that could become airborne very easily it’s important to have that extra layer of protection.
  • Staying well hydrated: This allows your body to move contaminates through your body more easily and supports your body functions and systems in so many wonderful ways!

How can essential oils help?

After taking the above precautions there is still more you can do to insure a healthy respiratory system!  Repiratory blends that contain oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, cardamom, melaleuca and rosemary are designed to support the sinuses and respiratory system.

Many studios are dry.  When working, especially during deep concentration you may find your breathing to be very shallow, you may even hold your breath.  After a longer session you may find that your sinuses are dry, or your a little sore or tight in the shoulders and neck.  This can be from not getting enough oxygen in your body while you are working.

A drop of  of a respiratory blend, inhaled from your hands before you begin your torch session can:

  • support healthy respiratory function
  • increase oxygen levels in the lungs
  • encourage deeper breathing
  • increase energy and make you feel more alert

If your respiratory system could use additional support, you can apply to the chest, daily with a carrier oil.  A carrier oil is any high quality oil with a fatty base, like coconut oil or olive oil.  Simply apply a drop of carrier oil to the upper chest, then add a drop of essential oil and rub in.

Would you like to try this wonderful oil?  Let me know!  Don’t forget to include your mailing address!