Essential oils are a fabulous support for your creativity!  Aroma has a powerful impact on the brain, and pure essential oils are particularly helpful in supporting your emotions, mood and healthy brain function.

Wild Orange is known as the oil of abundance.  It has properties that aid you in seeing possibilities.  It helps connect you to your inner child bringing spontaneity, fun, joy and playfulness into your studio!


One of the best ways get aroma into your space is through a diffuser.  Diffusing oils is easy this way.  Simply fill the well in the diffuser with water, add 2-3 drops of oil, put the cover on, and start the device!  I like to place my diffuser behind my shoulder on the window sill so that the aroma is drawn past me on it’s way out the ventilation!

Another oil that is great for creativity contains Wild Orange, but has some other great oils in there too!  It’s known as the Invigorating blend, is the Oil of Creativity and is called Citrus Bliss!  Citrus Bliss can return motivation and drive when it is lacking!  A great oil to jump start your creativity if it’s not flowing.

You can also diffuse this oil in your home to support a creative energy throughout your day, so when you head to the torch you are primed and ready to go!


You can purchase these great oils and a diffuser here: Essential Lampworking

If you would like to learn how you can receive 25% off your purchase, and all essential oil purchases to enhance many areas of your life, including creativity, let me know!

If you would like to try these oils for yourself, please let me know!  I’m happy to send you a sample.

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