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Did you want to learn more about using essential oil as a glass artist?  I’d love to connect with you on a webinar where I can show you some of my favorite ways to support my creativity, and overall health as a glass artist.  Please pick a date that works for you and let’s connect!  This is a 1 hour class, that you can watch from your computer!  Please fill out the form and I’ll send you the link, and if there is time I’ll mail you samples before the webinar!

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Essential oils are a fabulous support for your creativity!  Aroma has a powerful impact on the brain, and pure essential oils are particularly helpful in supporting your emotions, mood and healthy brain function.

Wild Orange is known as the oil of abundance.  It has properties that aid you in seeing possibilities.  It helps connect you to your inner child bringing spontaneity, fun, joy and playfulness into your studio!


One of the best ways get aroma into your space is through a diffuser.  Diffusing oils is easy this way.  Simply fill the well in the diffuser with water, add 2-3 drops of oil, put the cover on, and start the device!  I like to place my diffuser behind my shoulder on the window sill so that the aroma is drawn past me on it’s way out the ventilation!

Another oil that is great for creativity contains Wild Orange, but has some other great oils in there too!  It’s known as the Invigorating blend, is the Oil of Creativity and is called Citrus Bliss!  Citrus Bliss can return motivation and drive when it is lacking!  A great oil to jump start your creativity if it’s not flowing.

You can also diffuse this oil in your home to support a creative energy throughout your day, so when you head to the torch you are primed and ready to go!


You can purchase these great oils and a diffuser here: Essential Lampworking

If you would like to learn how you can receive 25% off your purchase, and all essential oil purchases to enhance many areas of your life, including creativity, let me know!

If you would like to try these oils for yourself, please let me know!  I’m happy to send you a sample.

Is your torch collecting dust?

Did you know that essential oils have the ability to promote feelings of excitement, passion, and joy?  Passion is an amazing essential oil blend that I love!!  Have you lost your why, your mojo, your passion? Has the muse abandoned your studio? Too much of even a good thing can become predictable and boring over time. doTERRA Passion Inspiring Blend of spice and herb essential oils will help you rekindle excitement in your life.

This is a great blend to add to your diffuser!  Or apply to your wrists or as perfume around your ears or lower.  The aroma is sure to ignite your passion again, helping you get back to that torch once again!


If you would like to try this oil for yourself, please let me know!  I’m happy to send you a sample.

Too hot to torch!

The official start to summer is mere days away, but if you are sitting behind a torch, it’s plenty hot enough already!  I love peppermint this time of year!  It’s naturally cooling, able to lower your body temp by as much as 3 degrees, in a matter of moments!

Simply take a glass spray bottle, fill with distilled water and add 5 drops of Peppermint.SummerCoolingIf you are feeling your temp rising, and want to cool that down, simply spray on your torso, upper chest or back of your neck.  Avoid spraying near your eyes as peppermint can really make them water!!  A nice controlled spray is good.

Peppermint is also invigorating and can give you a sense of greater energy, as well!

Happy Torching!

Let me count they ways…

When people ask me what my favorite oil is, I do have a hard time picking because I gain so much from so many, however one oil does stand out.  Frankincense is known as “The King of Oils”, and it’s for really good reason.  Almost every system in the body cheers when they encounter Frank!  Frankincense supports the cells of the body in a very powerful way.  This oil can be used topically, aromatically, and if you know that your oil is pure with not fillers, additives, or residues, you can even use it internally.  I love the brand of essential oils I use because the company was founded on a desire to know exactly what is in each bottle of essential oil, so their dedication to testing is outstanding.  For this reason, I feel confident in using this oil internally to support healthy cell function in my body.


What I love most about Frankincense is how it makes me think and feel!!  Frankincense has a way of shifting my thought space, and opening me up to new possibilities and creative paths.  This oils is the one most likely to be found in the diffuser in my glass studio!  A diffuser is a small, table top device that contains a well for tap water, and 2-4 drops of essential oil.  Once the electronic device is turned on you will see a mist coming out from the device, which is tiny water molecules bound with essential oils.  These molecules are dispersed into the air, allowing you to inhale as you work.  I place my diffuser a little behind where I’m working so that the draw from my ventilation brings the air past me.  This allows me to gain the most benefit from having it in the space.

Ask me any questions you have about diffusers.  What are they, how do they work, how to I get one in my home?  I love my diffusers!  I have them in several rooms of my house and love the way the change the energy and how my family feels each day!

Want to know more about who essential oils can impact you life as a glass artist?  Please sign up for one of our Free online Essential Lampworking webinars!

Free Webinar!!

It’s ready!   I have created a webinar that will explain several ways you can use essential oils to support you as a glass artist/lampworker!  These learning opportunities are free.  They are all going to be the same information, so just pick the time and date that works best for your schedule!

Please fill out the form.  I have asked for your mailing address so I can provide you with some samples before the webinar so you can enjoy some of the oils we will be talking about!  I need to have your RSVP at least 4 mailing days before the event, if you are in the US.  If you are out of the country, please email me directly!    


I mentioned Tiffany Peterson in my last post.  One of the most amazing experiences in my professional life has been creating a connection with Tiffany. She is a wonderful business coach, and in helping to up-level your professional life, she encourages you to up-level your personal life. Each November she offers a Free series centered around gratitude. I’m excited for the first session on November 5th! Want to join me? Let’s up-level our gratitude and end 2014 in a better heart space!  You can enroll in this great program here:



Water is critical for our survival.  Staying well hydrated is critical for our overall wellness.  Do you struggle to drink enough water?  This week will explore some of the ways that water impacts our wellness and some tips for drinking more water!  What is your favorite way to drink more water?


Certified Holistic Health Coach!

Over the past 7 years I’ve been on a wellness journey.  I was only 35 and noticing stiff joints, fatigue, brain fog, among other things. I had just had my first baby, so I figured it was just “Mama Brain” and that I was tired from caring for her.  When she was 2 I realized, that wasn’t likely all that was going on.  I started reading and learning more about food, which is where my journey began.  I read an article that indicated if you don’t let babies/kids consume any refined sugar for the first 3 years of their lives their risk for sugar related concerns drop drastically.  I looked at my family, most of whom struggle with weight, and other weight related concerns and decided it couldn’t hurt.  No sugar for her.  Everyone told me that I couldn’t do that.  As a baby, maybe, but by 3 she’d be demanding candy.  I’m happy to report my now 8 year old still has never had highly process sugar, and when offered, she declines.  In this area, I had it easy, I tried this experiment on a baby, not a child who had already been eating highly processed sugar, which would have been a different experience!  I know this because I certainly still have a love hate relationship with the stuff!
My journey started with food, moved to herbal solutions to typical life stuff, more physical activity, the thoughts I choose to think, understanding the importance of hydration in a sense of wellness and most recently (almost 2 years ago) essential oils!  I decided that all my experience, including my degree in psychology, could be helpful to others.  I decided to pursue a series of certifications and degrees to that end.  It breaks my heart to see so many people needlessly suffering from diseases and conditions that can be often alleviated through lifestyle choices!

I have completed my first leg in this credential journey!  I am now a Certified Holistic Health Coach!  I’m super excited to share with my lampworking community my passion for wellness! Thank you for your interest in this area and for coming to this space to learn more and share what you know!